The minimum wage in the United States state of Delaware

The minimum wage in the United States state of Delaware currently stands at $9.25 an hour, which ranks as the 11th highest in the United States. Delaware is one of the few states within the US that has its own, established minimum wage laws that enable it to surpass the national minimum wage set by the federal government, which is currently $7.25 per hour. The current wage has been set since 2009 and is scheduled to remain in effect until 2021.

The reasons for the wage hike in 2009 are multi-faceted and are rooted in the economic recession which occurred nationwide in the same year. At the time, Delaware lawmakers saw the need for an additional boost to the working class in order to decrease the number of people suffering from poverty in the state. For this reason, the state minimum wage was raised from $7.25 to $7.75, and then from there to its current rate of $9.25 per hour.

The current minimum wage can be considered a livable wage by the standards of Delaware, though a large percentage of the people who receive it often face difficulty due to the cost of living. The increase in the cost of healthcare and housing over the past decade has left many minimum wage workers struggling to make ends meet due to an inability to afford basic necessities. Additionally, recent research has indicated an increase in the number of people employed in low-wage sectors in Delaware who rely on public welfare to supplement their income.

Minimum wage rates across the US are also at a huge disparity depending on the location of the job. Within Delaware, many minimum wage workers will receive a higher wage than those living in nearby Pennsylvania, where the minimum wage is set at just $7.25. This disparity can make it difficult for people living in the state who are searching for employment, as those working in neighboring states may be unwilling to surrender their higher wage for a job within Delaware.

Overall, it can be stated that the minimum wage in Delaware currently stands at a livable rate, although a large portion of those working for the wage are still facing difficulty in making ends meet. Delaware lawmakers recognize the need for stability for the low-income workers within the state, but at the same time must attempt to remain competitive with the other states when determining the wage rate. Therefore, it appears that the current minimum wage is a good starting point for to ensure the rights of all workers in Delaware are protected.

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